Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Fun

There aren't many words necessary to describe this Christmas.

It can be summed up in three sentences:

Garrett Grace opened everyone's presents. Brother ate all the paper. My children received a LOT of stuff!

Breakfast With Santa 2014

The Junior League Breakfast with Santa is still my favorite Christmas event each year. Yes...I am biased since I am in Junior League. However, I love spending time with our friends and seeing everyone's children dressed up and excited to see Santa.

 Garrett Grace had a great time making crafts and eating doughnuts.

 Brother took a nap.
Christmas 2014
 Looking back at Garrett Grace's first Breakfast with Santa...she did the SAME thing.
Christmas 2011

Sunday, December 7, 2014

7 months and 8 months

7 Months-October 26th

 Brother turned 7 months and is EVERYWHERE! As you can see, he is rarely still. He would not sit still at all to have his picture made.

He is crawling all over the house and very curious. He is happiest when he is down on the floor exploring any and everything.

He loves to be outside just like his sister

He also likes to snuggle too
 He is pretty good using a sippy cup. But he likes to make a big mess too!

At 7 and 8 months, his statistics are the same. He has slimmed up some because he is very mobile. He still weighs about 20 pounds. Brother wears a size 4 diaper and wears 12 month clothing. He takes about 6 oz in his bottles, but would rather eat food. Brother will eat most anything. He has tried several different table foods lately. He likes mashed potatoes, dressing, mashed up vegetable soup, and a little taste of chocolate cake (that was his favorite). He also snacks on Yogurt Melts and Puffs.
8 Months-November 26th 

At 8 months, he not only crawls everywhere, but pulls up on everything! He can also pull up on the couch and then walk the length of the couch while holding on. He is our adventurous one! Thanksgiving Day, he suffered his first busted lip. I'm sure it won't be his last.

MeMaw got to meet Brother for the first time!
Brother now has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom. He has had a chronic runny nose and cough for about a month and has caused sleepless nights for all. So we took him to the ENT this past Friday to seek help.
Dr. Beniot checked everything and said Brother's adenoids are enlarged. So, we are trying Singulair for 6 weeks to see if that will help remedy the runny nose and congestion which in turn will help the adenoid inflammation. If this does not help, then they will have to be surgically removed. Of course, I do not want my baby to be put to sleep, but I also want him to have some relief and sleep better. Updates later.
Brother is a happy baby and smiles most of the time. He loves his sister and chases her all over the house. His favorite things right now are cars and balls. He likes to push the cars and play with the wheels. Brother also likes to roll balls across the floor.
We haven't yet figured out what he is going to answer to because we only call him Brother and a few other family members call him Liam. Most people at his school call him Brother as well. I guess he will be confused for a while.
At this point, it doesn't matter because he is happy and healthy!

Disney Day 8-Good bye Disney World

Leaving is always bittersweet. We had such a wonderful trip and made precious memories with our girl, but it was time to go home and get some love from our baby boy! Even Garrett Grace was missing Brother too.
Our final morning, Landon took care of all the luggage and flight information and Garrett Grace and I went to eat breakfast.
When we arrived at the food court, Garrett Grace wanted pancakes, but the pancakes counter was not open yet. One of the managers heard her talking about pancakes and said, "It's Disney World. If she wants pancakes, then she can have pancakes." So, he went in the back and asked the chef to prepare her some pancakes, and the chef did.

One of my favorite moments of the whole trip
Garrett Grace ate her wonderful breakfast and we ran...literally RAN to the main building to catch our bus to the airport.
Side note-Disney World has thousands of amazing rides and attractions. However, Garrett Grace was FASCINATED with the simple utensil dispenser in the food court. She pressed the lever numerous times each meal to get forks and knives for us all, and wasted a LOT!
We could have never stepped foot in the Magic Kingdom and just let her get utensils all day for each guest. She loved this thing.

Once we arrived at the airport, Garrett Grace wanted her picture made a few more times before getting on the plane.

 We made it home safely and I went straight to this sweet face.

Then I held him for the rest of the day.
Thank you Disney World for providing us with such a special place to share memories with our daughter. I look forward to our next trip with our entire family!

Disney Day 7-Hollywood Studios

Our final day in Disney World, we went to Hollywood Studios.

We had a few things planned, but of course Garrett Grace had to meet every character she saw. She loves them!

Group hug

After meeting a few characters, we went to the Disney Jr. show, and we were on the front row!
Front row selfie

We did a little shopping after the show-ha!
After the show, it was Toy Story time!

 I was nervous because she had not liked anything 3D-but she enjoyed this ride! It was great.
Then we went to Hollywood and Vine for our character lunch with Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Jake, and Handy Manny.

Garrett Grace had to show Doc her shirt because they matched-Thank you Ellen Smith! 

That afternoon, we went to see the Beauty and the Beast show (my favorite part of the day).

Garrett Grace enjoyed this show a lot. She now watches this show on Youtube at home. LOVE!
Our next treat for the day was to meet Sorcerer Mickey!

Our final stop for the day was to visit the "Frozen" snow play area. We thought Garrett Grace would like to play there for a little while, but we were wrong! She wouldn't even go near the snow. So we just got our picture made and left. Oh well-I'm glad we live where it is warm. I do not like snow either, so I can't blame her.

We had a wonderful day at Hollywood Studios-one of my favorite parks.
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